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Please email [email protected] for ad rates and review opportunities.


This is my most asked question and I’m flattered that so many of you would like to buy my work. I used to make quilts for sale on Etsy and at local craft shows under the brand Sophia Aster. As my brand has changed and expanded, I find that I no longer have the time or the passion for “retail.” I keep or gift most of the quilts I make but will occasionally put a quilt for sale in my online shop when I need to make room or retire a sample. Shop link {here}.


Where possible, I try to name the fabric I am using in each project. Sometimes I mention it when I’m working on a project but I always include it when possible for the post on the finished quilt. It’s not always possible for me to list all of the fabrics for my scrappiest of quilts.


My patterns are available through Vintage Modern Quilts Pattern Co. Digital downloads can be purchased {here} and printed versions are available to retailers through United Notions. Questions about patterns are answered below.

I purchased a pattern but I’m not sure how to download it.
After your payment has cleared, you will receive an automated email with a link to download the pattern. Click on the link and save the PDF file to your computer. Downloads are limited to 3 for each order due to copyright protection so be sure to save the file.

My pattern downloads have expired but I forgot to save the pattern. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital copyright, I cannot resend the pattern once your 3 downloads have expired. However, you may be able to recover the file in a Downloads folder or Temporary Internet Files on your computer.

I want to make the quilt in a size other than the one listed. Can you adjust the pattern for me?
Many hours go into each pattern that I design and it is not possible for me to redesign a quilt pattern to fit dimensions other than those listed. I include design sheets with each pattern which should help you in scaling the pattern to another size.


I am available for speaking engagements on various topics and would love to put together a program for your guild. Please email vintagemodernquilts{at}yahoo.com for rates and availability.


I am available to design and run classes and workshops for quilt guilds. If your guild would like a custom workshop, please email vintagemodernquilts{at}yahoo.com for rates and availability.


I try to respond to comments and questions on the post where readers ask them so look for the answer there if you’ve asked me a question about something. I do have comments moderated to weed out massive amounts of spam, which requires you to leave your email address when you comment. I don’t do a thing with your email address except sometimes use it to reply to you!


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