New Year’s Eve

2011 is right around the corner. Tonight we will be celebrating with family and there will be lots of food, fireworks, and champagne (plus a little quilting for me). My WIP list is smaller, but not complete so I’m trying to take advantage of every spare minute. I finished all of the cutting for the Evangeline in Paris quilt, but I’m not loving the test block I made today:

[This block measures 8.5″ inches square and there are a total of 32 of these in the quilt (plus 32 8.5-inch half-square triangle blocks.) ]

For the rest of the blocks, I’m going to be more careful about the contrast between fabrics and substitute solids where needed to make sure that both stars really pop. I got a bit lazy towards the end of my cutting marathon and had a rotary cutter incident. Just FYI, you don’t need all of your index finger to sew. A little notch out of the tip doesn’t make much difference. :)

Let’s meet back here Sunday to see how we all did with the challenge. Get to sewing and celebrating!


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