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Sewing is a Victory

Thank you all so much for the kind words and congratulations about our baby boy. Each and every comment and email made me so happy to read.

Even well into my second trimester, the fatigue is not going away like I thought it would. It’s definitely not as extreme as the first trimester when I felt as if I were constantly under the influence of Benadryl, but it still makes me pretty much a couch potato. So the fact that I spent several hours sewing today is a victory. I made some good headway on a custom quilt and a throw quilt for our sofa. I’m making it my goal to sew for at least half an hour every day. I really have missed it so much.

Last week was the Earth Day challenge reveal for the Dallas MQG. My original plan of making quilt blocks from old cotton men’s shirts didn’t pan out. My mitered corners were a mess so I didn’t get past the first block. (Anyone know of a good tutorial for mitered corners?) I was saved by the fact that I’d ordered a vintage sheet kit from Jeni at In Color Order last week and it fit the reuse/recycle theme perfectly. I made a sweet little wreath that will probably hang in my sewing room, and will definitely come out at Easter.

I won’t call this wreath project a total success, though, since making it involved a near disaster. I made it Thursday afternoon. Today I came into my sewing room and discovered that I’d left my glue gun plugged in (and ON) since Thursday. There was still power to it and it was warm but thankfully its cheap electrical insides burned out at some point and it was not hot enough to burn down our house. That is definitely a crafting fail.


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