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[fabric is Alexander Henry Monkey’s Bizness – Little Farm in Blue]

This little hippo is a super easy project. I am definitely going to make at least one more of these for the baby – maybe in some fun polka dots. I would recommend enlarging the pattern at least 25%, if you make one of your own. The neck hole seam is really tight and mine is not entirely pucker-free. Pattern purchased here. It really is a simple pattern and sews together in less than an hour.

Moose thought this hippo was for him. He kept staring at it while I was taking photos, and he really wanted to play with – in fact, he couldn’t stay away:

His attitude is that pictures aren’t worth taking unless he’s in them. He’s pretty photogenic so I can’t say that he’s wrong. ;)

That little hippo is pretty much the only sewing I’ve done in the past few weeks. I had aspirations of signing up for the Finish It Up challenge on Meg’s blog. But the fact that they’re two weeks into it and I haven’t even made my WIP list yet doesn’t bode well for my success. I need to make my own “Baby is Coming, Get It Done Quick” challenge. I did pick the focus fabric for my Baltimore Album Quilt. I stared at those photos for two weeks and even went back to my fabric stash to see if I could come up with the absolute perfect fabric. And then I decided that I was overthinking it and I ordered 10 yards of my background fabric. So I think I’m committed. I will be working on block #1 this week. I don’t want to be the only one in class on Saturday who didn’t do her homework.


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