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The six months (and 16 days!) since my son was born have gone by so fast. Unbelievably fast. In the beginning I was wishy washy about quitting my job, but once my maternity leave was up, I quit to stay home…and then some freelance work started coming my way. And then I was offered a short-term contract job that allowed me to work from home…and then another one…and yet another one! At one point, between the freelance and the contract stuff, I had 4 “jobs.” All of them were work from home, but there were definitely times when I struggled to balance mommy and work demands. I won’t even get into my extracurricular activities like being President of the Dallas MQG (we elected a new slate of officers this month – YAY!) and serving on the board of my neighborhood association.There is no doubt that I have been seriously over-committed. After many long conversations with my husband and several of my dear friends, I decided to cut the fat and just do what makes me happy. It’s hard to say no to opportunity (especially given the economy we’ve all lived through in the last few years), but it’s wonderful to have the choice, and I’m very thankful.

So now, after lots of chaos, I am committed to doing things that I love. Those include the obvious things like family time, but they also include two very exciting CREATIVE endeavors. I am going to be the editor for the Moda Bake Shop and I am going to teach classes at Urban Spools, my friend Michelle Kitto’s sewing lounge. I couldn’t be more thrilled. My little sidekick is thrilled, too. Just look at him:

I also have big plans to do a lot more personal sewing. I’ve sewed so very little since Ben was born, and I have truly missed it.



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