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Ben turned one last week. I’ve been reflecting a lot on all that has happened in his first year of life. It is truly amazing how that tiny little newborn has grown into a toddler that walks, says a handful of words, and even has opinions about what he does and does not like. He has grown and developed so much, but when I think about it – he hasn’t really changed all that much. His little personality was always there. It just took us a while to get to know him.

{the most recent picture is on the lower left – huge smile and blue striped shirt. he is such a happy boy.}

We will celebrate his first year with a party this weekend. Birthdays mean a whole lot more to me now that I am a mother, and my old attitude that “it’s just another day” seems so silly to me. I feel suddenly so much more grateful to my mom for all of the wonderful parties with roller skating and bounce houses and cupcakes that she threw for me. I look forward to years of birthday parties for our sweet and beautiful Benjamin.


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