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Ambassador of Fabric

I’ve given myself the unofficial title of Ambassador of Fabric. I love fabric with my whole heart. And I feel compelled to share this love with others.

Ambassador of Fabric

My friends have other, less flattering terms for it. Fabric pusher is probably the nicest. ;)

Confession: Years before I worked for Moda. I decoded their file-naming system so that I could download swatch files of upcoming lines before the links were visible on their website.

Ambassador of Fabric

I’m constantly telling someone about a new or upcoming fabric line.

Bella Solids Color Card

The perfect solid.

Ambassador of Fabric

Something that is on sale and must be added to the stash.

Ambassador of Fabric

Something that is not on sale but can’t be resisted because profound regret will surely ensue.

It’s my duty and I take it seriously. We are weeks away from what is the fabric lover’s version of Christmas/heaven – QUILT MARKET. I feel like putting up a tree and decorating it with fabric bundles and a jelly roll on top. I could celebrate by buying more fabric and wrapping it with a big (fabric) bow and then opening it in my pajamas! Who’s with me?


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