crewel love

The snowmaggedon has pretty much turned out to be a bust with very little snow…but I still enjoyed a day of sewing and puppy snuggling. (And chocolate chip cookie baking. The recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook is my all-time favorite. Cookie making ingredients are starting to become a staple in this household. Along with pico de gallo ingredients for my hubs.)

Here is the puppy snuggling:

That dog is my constant shadow. He will even sit in my lap while I sew. He hangs off my lap so it can’t be comfortable but he insists. He occasionally will grab fabric off the floor of my sewing room, make sure I’m looking at him, and then run off with it. His brother Will actually stole an entire charm pack just last week. So adorably rotten!

Last night I made a needle case using this tutorial. My plan is to make a couple of these for different sewing projects because you need different needles and slightly different supplies for all of them. This version is for my crewel projects:

This should make it a lot easier for me to grab some hand sewing projects for Saturday Sew or sewing circles with friends.

I used the stitch regular on my new Bernina for the free motion quilting. It’s a completely different experience from free motion quilting on any other machine. It will take me a few more projects to get used to it, but the results are undeniably good even with my awkward newbie technique. I have new machine infatuation big time.

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