sunday sewing

I spent my Sunday working on four new pillows for my Etsy shop.

  • Another Amy Butler Midwest Modern pillow:
  • A string quilt made from Fig & Plum fabric (These were leftover from my mom’s quilt.):

Fig & Plum String Pillow

Wonderland Pillow

  • A four-color string quilt pillow:

4-Color String Pillow

My pillow form looks a little anemic doesn’t it? It isn’t quite 18 x 18. It’s from a foreign land so it is probably measured in centimeters! Oh, well…the Wonderland pillow and the string quilt are so cute that I want to keep them for myself! I love those bright colors. I seriously thought about not listing the Wonderland pillow, but I reminded myself that I had an entire FQ bundle of Wonderland and that made it a little easier. =)


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