4 Days Later…

Four days after the biggest snow storm to hit north Texas (12.5 inches!), we finally have our power back on. Needless to say, I didn’t get any of the sewing done that I’d planned to work on over the weekend. The snow was certainly beautiful and fun, but I’m grateful that our house wasn’t damaged and very, very glad that we don’t have that kind of snow every year. We spent the weekend at my in-laws and it was really nice to see them and get in some family time. We even had the chance to catch a couple of movies at the theater, which is something we rarely take the time to do. My MIL and I went on a Valentine’s date to see When in Rome while our husbands cut up all of the branches at my house. I think it could be the start of a fun tradition.

I have a beautiful stack of new fabric to fold and put away tonight and hopefully I’ll be able to fit in some sewing! I have a big to-do list waiting for me.

***NOTE*** Originally blogged at my old url: www.sophiaaster.com. That blog was hacked but most posts were recovered via Google Reader. Some links may be broken or missing.


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