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Quilting Fight Club

Some of you may know that I started the Dallas branch of the Modern Quilt Guild in February. I’m serving as the President this year and I am having a blast. I’m not the kind of person that would even join a club, much less start one so the experience has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone in a very good way. You can read about the guild on our blog.

Last Monday night we held our June meeting. It was very well-attended and I loved chatting with all the ladies about fabric and what they’re working on. When I came home, I went into the study to say hi to my husband. He asked me what we do at our meetings (he pictured us sewing one giant quilt around a wooden frame). I explained that we chatted about various guild-related topics, had a presentation about spring Quilt Market, and then had Show and Tell. As I’m telling him all of this, he starts smiling, giggling softy, and by the time I’m done talking, he is full on laughing. His mirth is contagious so I laugh a little, too, and ask him what the hell he’s laughing at so hard.

Then he says to me, “It’s like Quilting Fight Club. A few months ago, you didn’t even know anyone who quilts and now you’ve got recruits, you’re training, you have mysterious meetings…You have an entire national network of quilters.”

[For those of you who’ve never seen it, Fight Club is a Brad Pitt/Ed Norton movie ]

Quilting Fight Club? I’m not sure about that, but it might be kinda fun to call my guild friendship group the “Ass-Kicking Quilters.” No actual ass-kicking involved.


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