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voices in my head

I’m enjoying the cold weather this year. I love wearing sweaters and wool gloves, I have some slippers that keep my toes toasty while I sew, and I can smell again because the cold has killed off all of the allergens that normally torture me. Life is pretty good right now, and I’m excited about all of the new things to come this year. Tomorrow is the first Dallas Modern Quilt Guild meeting of 2011, and I can’t wait to see all of my quilting friends (our guild’s first birthday is next month and that is a huge and exciting milestone!).

This week I’ve sat down to blog at least once a day and then gotten stuck. I am working on so many things, and I’m excited about all these different projects and ideas that I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. Is it possible to have too much creative stimulation? With only so many usable hours in the day, how do you get all of those pesky ideas out of your head? Web MD was not helpful, but I suspect that I have full-on quilting schizophrenia. The fabric speaks to me.

I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. So far I’ve been able to resist the “buy me” voices. But I’m powerless against the “start a new project” with me voices. Those Ruby Star Rising ladies are the worst, frankly. Look at their coy little faces.

quilting schizophrenia

Who can resist?!?!?!


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