How is it already December?! November went by in a blur…Ben’s first birthday party, DMQG retreat, Thanksgiving. And now we are almost 3 days into December and I’ve bought/made exactly zero Christmas presents. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I have been doing some sewing…I finished a giant wonky star quilt top this weekend:


Not a great photo, but you can sorta get the idea. Maybe. It turned out cute and bigger than expected (that’s what happens when you wing it) so I think it will be perfect for when Ben moves into a full-size bed in a year or so. He was really excited about it. He squealed and laughed and rolled around on it for several minutes after I showed it to him. It was just the sort of admiration I was looking for.

This Giant Wonky Star quilt was a spur-of-the-moment thing I started at retreat with some extra jelly roll strips. It wasn’t even on my WIP list but now it is. (along with 43 others!!!) My goal with that list was to complete things and narrow it down, but it has grown instead. 2013 will be the year of WIP annihilation. That is my ONLY resolution. Total WIP annihilation.

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