Share the {Fabric} Love

VMQ-Share-the-Love-largeI’ve been trying to clean out my sewing room and scale back my fabric (and crafts!) stash for…at least a year. I’ve given lots of unfinished projects and fabric to my guild, but I still have too much. And with my work at Moda and trips to quilt shows, etc., there is always more coming in. (At least the Moda pre-cuts are easy and pretty to store…)

I’ve used up LOTS of yardage making quilt backs and bindings for all of my WIPs, and I even did a few de-stash sales on Etsy. (That is not fun. Taking photos, writing listings, answering questions, mailing packages – not for me. I also accidentally switched two packages so one went to Australia and the other went to Canada. UGH!) I’ve come across a lot of quilters via Instagram and an idea came to me yesterday…why not share my stash with someone who is just starting out? I didn’t pay full retail for most of my stash thanks to sales and buying wholesale (back when I used to make and sell quilts at craft shows) so why not just give it away? The important thing to me is that it’s going to someone who will use it. I easily filled up three medium flat rate boxes with fabric and they are all set to go to new homes. Yay! It makes me happy to think someone else will finally use that fabric, and it’s a relief to make some more room on my shelves. I’m going to keep a box in my sewing room and add stuff to it each time I make a project.


If you feel inspired to give away some of your excess stash or if you’d like to receive some fabric, join this Flickr group. I imagine there will be more seekers than givers, but maybe I’ll be surprised.


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