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There has been a lot of thinking and writing about sewing happening at my house, but not much actual sewing in the last week. I have a big deadline that has suddenly gotten a whole lot closer because the month of May pretty much vanished from the calendar. It’s almost over, people! How did that happen? So this means I’m postponing the next lesson of my Learn to Quilt series for another week. We left off piecing blocks, which is a good place to be stuck for a a while. That’s how quilting goes. You usually get stuck at one stage or another.

I’ve been playing around with Adobe Lightroom for this first time this week and I must say that I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART. Much simpler and cleaner than Photoshop. I whipped out about six weeks worth of photos in just a few hours on Sunday night (trying to make the cutoff for a free print deal on Shutterfly). I pulled in some photos I took of my vintage sheet quilt that I thought had turned out total crap and I was able to pretty them up in Lightroom.

I took that at the arboretum one Saturday. As I walked up towards that big white rock, a snake slithered out from under it and made my heart drop right into my toes. I screamed (it was a very ladylike scream) and every single hair on my body stood on end (and stayed like that for the next half hour). My husband graciously held the quilt for me instead. Dang snakes. *shudder*


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