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Fall Classes + Workshops

There are so many fun things on my schedule throughout the fall and I’m even starting to schedule things into the first quarter of next year! I really can’t believe how many opportunities have come my way in the past almost two years since I said adios to my technical writing job (and hello, baby + diapers + sleepless nights, let’s not forget that part. Although now that he’s coming up on two, diapers and sleepless nights are a thing of the past, thankfully.)

I’m going to add a page here on the blog about upcoming speaking gigs and workshops (also if your guild or shop is looking for a trunk show, lecture, or workshop, email me at vintagemodernquilts{at}yahoo.com). I could just be popping up in a town near you and I’d love to meet you in person!
As for local classes, I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff on the schedule at Urban Spools. I love teaching for Michelle because I get to choose projects and techniques that I love so each class is kind of like my own mini retreat. If you are interested in teaching she is looking for some new teachers particularly with home decor-type sewing talents. Must be in the Dallas area and an experienced sewer. Contact her through her website.

Here’s what I will be teaching at Urban Spools in the coming months:

lori's quilt - the back

Boho Patchwork {this one has been super popular. You’ll finish or at least get very close to a completed quilt top in six hours. The technique is easy for even a new quilter to master}. Next session is August 11 from 10 am to 3 pm.

Classmate | Front

The Classmate by Terry Atkinson. This project bag is super fun to make. Normally I find bag-making to be tedious but this pattern is so clever and the resulting bag looks so professional that I LOVED making it. I petted and stared at my finished bag for, like, days after I made it. No shame here. You will learn how to make bias binding, how to sew a zipper, how to work with vinyl, and how to incorporate bag hardware.

Stars and 4-Patches

Stars and 4-Patches. This quilts has been super popular on my blog and it’s one of my favorite quilts of 2013 so I’m definitely looking forward to teaching it. Lots of technique here: color theory, precision cutting, strip piecing, half-square triangles AND quarter-square triangles.

Date Night with My Machine. This will be on on-going series to let you get touchy feely with your sewing machine. You’ll learn to clean it, trouble-shoot common problems, and how to use those feet! It’s an hour and a half class perfect for those of you whose machines have been gathering dust in a closet for a few years or for the ones who bought your machine on the internet and never learned this stuff. Now is the time.

I Made a Quilt Top: Now What?. You’ve made that first quilt top but what are the next steps to get it to sofa snuggle time? We’ll go over batting, basting, making a backing, binding, and basic quilting. This 3-hour series is a must-take for new quilters. We’ll add a special session every few months to teach some extra finishing techniques like scalloped edges and more advanced quilting.

There are a couple more classes that I am working on samples for so I’ll share the details as I get those wrapped up. You may not see some of the ones listed above on the schedule yet, but check back soon.


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