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Today Moda Fabrics/United Notions is hosting a fun blog hop over on The Cutting Table to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day. We are all sharing the book that inspired us to start quilting (or the book that we’ve learned from),  The book that kicked it off for me is by Amy Butler, a lady whose fabrics and style have probably inspired a lot of people to join the handmade movement (or at least to dust off the sewing machine and sew a pillow or two!)

Amy’s first book, In Stitches, was the first sewing book I ever bought:

Way back in 2006. We’d only been living in  Dallas for six months and we’d just bought our first house so I was ripe for some home decor sewing. In Stitches isn’t exactly a quilting book (though it does have some quilting and patchwork projects in it), but the cool bohemian/midcentury style was so in line with my own taste, It was like someone could see into my brain.

I only ever made a couple of projects from the book (one was a clutch that I made inside out like three times!!!) but it was the start of a whole new creative way of life.  I’ve since added many (too many) crafting and quilting books to my shelves.

What quilting book inspires you? Did you also own that Amy Butler book?

10 thoughts on “Book Lover’s Day

  1. Joyce Mitchell

    I don’t have Amy Butler’s book. One of the first books I purchased after my sister “forced” me to start quilting was BHG Complete Guide to Quilting. It’s my go-to book for quilting help. Thanks.

  2. momto1

    I have two Amy Butler books, and I agree – just getting in there and playing with the fabric the way she does is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your favorite!

  3. Hilarys

    I have this book too! I’ve had it for years and I have always wanted to make a project from it but I just haven’t :) I agree with you about how inspiring it is. When I’m in a crafting funk I pull it out and flip through the pages.

  4. Susan

    Congrats on being with Pat Sloan. Wow! Thanks for participating and sharing your inspiration. I have so many quilting books that it is difficult to pick just one. My first book was bought long before the day of rotary cutters and mats. Everything was done with pencils and scissors. That quilt is not finished. The blocks are all made and some are hand quilted and I think one row is finished. Geez! Long story – it’s in the attic. Again, thanks for participating.


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