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Vintage Darling

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How is it that I haven’t blogged about this quilt?! It has all of the elements I love in a vintage quilt: quirky fabrics, faded colors, irregular block and fabric placement, and PINK and AQUA and RED and really, ALL OF THE COLORS. I’m an equal opportunity color lover. {Except purple.}

Vintage Darling

The block is a nine-patch variation that I’ve seen mostly referred to as a Glorified 9-Patch. I can just see two quilters at a show scoffing at something hanging on the wall and saying, “Ugh. It’s a glorified 9-patch.” Right after they point out the wavy borders and lack of contrast in the fabric choices. (these imaginary ladies are not very nice, are they?!) The word glorified sounds insulting to me so I prefer the less-frequently-used name: Improved 9-Patch. So much nicer, right?

This is a block to make with templates, for sure. Here’s a {link} for a free pattern if you want to make your own.

Vintage Darling

This one mainly stays folded up because I know my husband finds old textiles kind of icky, even after washing. I’m surprised he was willing to hold it for photos, frankly. ;)

I can’t find fault with his squickiness because that same icky feeling is the reason I don’t own any vintage clothing. For several years I was in search of a vintage winter white coat, 3/4 length with a fur collar (much like this one). I found the perfect one at a darling little vintage store in Houston and was trying it out, preening in front of the mirror, and feeling like I’d met the love of my life. Then I stuck my hands in the pocket and found an old, well-used tissue. My love for the coat died instantly.

That was about 10 years ago and I think if it happened today I could overlook the tissue and just have it laundered. I’m wise enough to own vintage these days.

Dimensions: 68″ x 82″

Guesstimated Era: 1950s

Condition: Good, one or two small tears in piecing

Piecing: By hand, Improved 9-Patch block

Quilting: By hand, Baptist Fan

Binding: Edge-turned

What I Paid: $75

Where I Found It: City View Antiques | Dallas, Texas


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