Hand Piecing = Slow Progress

I haven’t been doing much sewing lately but I did take my Green Tea and Sweet Beans project on a trip to my parents’ lake house a few weeks ago. Since it’s made for hand sewing,  GTSB is the perfect quilt for those times when I don’t want to or can’t bring a sewing machine.

2014-03-15_1394919001The arm of a sofa is the perfect work surface – add in a TV tray or a little end table and you’ve got it made. Don’t forget the coffee!


Garden Path block in progress above. Lots of y-seams but fun to sew. See one of my completed Garden Path blocks {here}.2014-03-18_13951034422014-03-19_1395247434 My GTSB quilt is primarily from a kit that I bought at QuiltCon. It’s been over a year now that I’ve been working on the quilt (in very small segments of time) and I’ve sadly realized that I don’t like many of the kit fabrics….at least not together. Only one or two of the prints in these blocks is from the kit. It’s a good thing I have so many scraps to add in so the final quilt will be to my taste.2014-03-19_1395247527 2014-03-19_1395247605See the rest of my blocks {here}.

7 thoughts on “Hand Piecing = Slow Progress

  1. Sadie

    It’s beautiful, and inspiring. So much so that I’m considering jumping in with both feet. After reading your post (and drooling over your Flicker page with pictures) I did some googling and I can’t find a TON of information on that pattern so I’m wondering if you could tell me a little more about it. I’m pretty new to quilting (about 6 months) and I’ve only worked using my sewing machine. In your opinion, how hard is this quilt? Would I be biting off more than I can chew? Westwood Acres is selling the pattern and a kit for it (and of course the fabric pictures is beautiful and has me hooked). Do the kits include everything you’d need to do the quilt top? Mostly, I’m just wondering if the sewing/pattern is HARD, or just tedious. Tedious I can do!!

    1. Lisa Post author

      I think between Google and blogs, you’d be able to make this quilt, even as a beginner. It is definitely more tedious than hard but there are several blocks with y-seams. Those just take some practice. You do not have to piece it by hand but the instructions and templates are designed for hand piecing so you’d have to make some adjustments (i.e. adding an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance) to use your machine and rotary cutter. I haven’t seen Westwood Acres kit but her description should tell you if it has everything you need. Kits typically have all of the fabric to make the quilt top and sometimes the binding.

      It’s a fun pattern and it’s not one you will make in a weekend no matter your skill level so it may be something you enjoy working on for a couple of years.

  2. Lisa Davis

    Oh I am so excited to find your blog- and your instagram…I live just north east of White Rock…in Dallas County.
    I am a new beginner sewer/quilter…totally learning on my own via you tube and blogs! I plan to check out some classes here in the future- you are an inspiration to me as a newbie after reading your about me. Knowing that I can get better makes me want to go home right now and sew. I still have tons to learn and hope to maybe get to one of your classes. I am slowly starting to get my sewing room filled with fabric. I only have a brother machine- but it’s my first machine. Thanks again for all you do.

    1. Lisa Post author

      Hi Lisa! So glad you found my blog. There is an awesome quilting community in Dallas. If you are ever interested in classes, I highly recommend Urban Spools at Casa Linda. My friend Michelle owns the shop and it’s such a cute and inspiring place.

  3. Leila

    I love both of your Green Tea updates. This quilt has been on my list for awhile and yours is beautiful! I also had to comment because I have the exact mug that is in one of your pictures. :)


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