WIPs (and a tip)

December 13! Shopping is 90% done around here. I may do a bit of holiday baking next week, but mostly I’m going to be quilting my butt off until the new year. That WIP list is getting shorter but there is a still a lot to do.

1. Love Panes quilt {binding}

2. Plume Charms quilt {quilting + binding}

3. Fussy Cut Bee {piece top}

4. Modern Siggy Swap 2 {piece top}

5. Wonderland in Aqua {make backing + baste}

6. Gridlock: Summer Palette {make backing + baste}

7. Happy Campers {piece top}

8. Red + Aqua Strings {make backing + baste}

9. Far, Far, Away 2 plum {piece top}

10. Evangeline in Paris {complete all cutting}

11. Black, White, and Aqua {piece top}

Yes, I added an eleventh item to the list. The black, white, and aqua quilt is from a bee, and all of the work was essentially done so I pieced the top this past Sunday. Tonight I will finish up with the Plume Charms quilting, mainly due to a gift from my husband.

It’s a headlamp! Quilting light thread on a light fabric gets pretty difficult after a while, especially late at night. My husband came home with one of these for himself last week and I immediately knew that I had to have one, too. It really does make such a difference, and it provides better light than any lamp I’ve used. It lights up what you’re looking at. Plus, it makes such a fashion statement when worn with quilting gloves. ;)

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