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saturday {sew}ing

Today was the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild’s last Saturday Sew of the year. We had a small group since most people are traveling, shopping, and just generally busy with Christmas activities this time of year but it was a fun day. I am so grateful to all of the ladies that came – they helped me baste two quilts!


more basting

[Wonderland + Aqua]

That’s a lot of safety pins….

These are two more items that I can now cross off my WIP list.

[updated WIP list]
1. Love Panes quilt {binding}
2. Plume Charms quilt {quilting + binding}
3. Fussy Cut Bee {piece top}
4. Modern Siggy Swap 2 {piece top}
5. Wonderland in Aqua {make backing + baste}
6. Gridlock: Summer Palette {make backing + baste}

7. Happy Campers {piece top}
8. Red + Aqua Strings {make backing + baste}
9. Far, Far, Away 2 plum {piece top}
10. Evangeline in Paris {complete all cutting}
11. Black, White, and Aqua {piece top}

I’ve heard from a few others who are participating in the challenge so I know you all are getting some sewing done. Having this challenge has really helped me stay focused (and avoid the distractions of reality TV shows). Just under two weeks left of 2010 so we’re more than halfway through. I’ve got lots of goodies I’m thinking about for the challenge winner. I’ll post some over the next week to keep you motivated. :)

[On a side note, many people have contacted me about the Quilting Economics graphic I posted recently. I am looking into making prints since there was so much interest. (thank you! I’m so flattered and pleased that you all enjoyed it so much) I’ll share details on how to get your own copy after the holidays.]


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