20 Weeks

20 weeks means that this baby is halfway done baking! I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast, and yet I’m a little scared that the next 20 weeks will go by even faster. I suddenly feel like I have a million things I want to check off my to-do list before this little boy arrives. And even though it seemed like it was never going to happen, my belly is finally starting to show! I was wearing my regular jeans until two weeks ago so I’m pretty proud of this little pot belly. (though if you ask my husband, he’ll say that I’m pushing it out in this photo)

The baby boy’s first quilt is well under way. I’m adding a linen border and then it will be ready to quilt this weekend. (I used this stack of fabric from Monaluna’s organic collection, Circa 60.)

baby's first quilt

My pieced curves are absolutely perfect, and though I’d like to take ALL of the credit, I can’t. Those perfect seams are courtesy of the amazing Curve Master foot. I heard about it from my friend Michelle and saw my friend Melanie use it to piece her king sized Single Girl quilt in a weekend at our last retreat. Every quilter must own this foot. No pinning, no squaring up. The only special tool you might require are some long tweezers to hold the ends of your fabric as you reach the end of the seam. I spent an couple of hours chain piecing the curves in this quilt and every single one came out perfect and I didn’t have to trim a thing. (Also recommended, the June Tailor Perfect Circles rotary templates. I bought mine at my LQS Quilt Asylum.)

Love, love, love the Curve Master! (the name sounds like an aerobics class, don’t you think?)

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