scribble quilting

This type of free motion quilting may have another name, but I like to call it scribble quilting.

scribble quilting

It looks like scribbling, doesn’t it? This is the first type of free motion I learned because it felt the most comfortable. It only requires that you move to the left, whereas stippling and pebble quilting require all over motion. I used to joke that I was like Zoolander because I’m not an ambiturner.

A big part of free motion quilting is getting to know your machine. I learned last week that my machine will absolutely not tolerate Coats and Clark cotton thread for free motion. Straight line quilting is okay (although it makes a pretty hideous bobbin) but it chokes on it for free motion. The thread sort of splits up the middle and knots around the needle eye. Helga the Pfaff only likes Aurifil. What a snob.

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