Fabric Fever

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to fabric. I’ve just about reached maximum capacity in my sewing room so I’m going to have to go on a diet. I’m getting some fabric muffin tops over here.

But then I find something like this and I find myself powerless to resist.

It’s Fiona by Anna Griffin. It’s O-O-P and I L-O-V-E it. [I found those two prints here and here.]

I also picked up a few more reproduction prints.

repros i love

They’re fabrics I would have never even discovered a few months ago because I was just sure I hated anything reproduction (besides 1930s, which is like the Beach Boys of fabric. Everyone loves 30s prints. And the Beach Boys.)

The gray floral is especially wonderful in person and I highly recommend getting a bit.

Now I have fabric guilt and must make something new. Maybe that’s why I have 17 quilts in progress? I’m the yo-yo diet quilter.


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