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I’m a huge book nerd, always have been and always will be. One of my favorite memories of elementary school is filling out the Scholastic book order. I had shelves and shelves of books, all organized by series: Anne of Green Gables, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Ramona Quimby, Babysitters’ Club…Many of those books are still in my old room at my parents’ house.

My book love continued through college where I majored in Literature. Reading a book (or more) a week was nothing to me. I used to belong to a book club. But then I started quilting…I went from reading a book a week to listening to an audiobook while sewing to reading nothing but US Weekly on my iPhone (lame but true).

So I bought a Kindle on a whim a few months ago, never imagining how much I’d like it. I just happened to read an email from Amazon advertising the latest one (the Kindle Paperwhite), and I said “yes, I think I will!” I read 12 books in the first two months I owned it. FOR. REAL. I love reading on that thing. It’s lightweight, it “opens” to the exact page you were reading and it tells you how many hours you have left in the book. Which I see as a challenge. Like Watch me crush that six hours and 43 minutes, Kindle! Bam! I read it in 5 hrs and 59 minutes. (Not that I really know I’m crushing it because I’d have to be tracking on some other device like an iPhone and I’m not that competitive with an e-reader. I have nothing to prove to you Mr. Kindle. Or you, Mr Bezos.)

So the point of all of this is….TA DA! Vintage Modern Quilts Book Club! I’ve read some great books and I NEED to discuss them. Here are my picks for 2013.

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11 12

For the books I loved in 2012, stop by on Monday.


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