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Happy Easter

Lots of bunnies at our family Easter this year! We didn’t do much last year because Ben was still so little, but this year I put together a nice basket for him, including lots of handmade goodies.

{Divided basket using this pattern from noodlehead}

I used some Melody Miller, Echino, and some Heather Ross fabrics from my Kokka home decor stash to make the basket. I used similar coordinating prints for the bunnies.

We showed him how to bowl with the bunnies as bowling pins (as intended) and he would say “Boom!” and knock down the bunnies before the ball could hit them.

Bowling Bunnies
{Bunny Bowling using this pattern from Ellen Luckett Baker}

Bowling Bunnies

These bunnies were also made with mostly Kokka fabrics. The gray bunny you see in a back is a vintage find I bought just last week. It’s made using bits of an old quilt.

Happy Easter to you!


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