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Bright and Bold

Today I am celebrating getting my sewing machine back from servicing (in only 2 hours!) with a new stack of beautiful solids. A freshly oiled and cleaned machine is the perfect reason to start a new project! I’m going for an all-solids quilt with a bold color palette:

These are all Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics. From top to bottom:

9900-135 | Marine
9900-226 | Bright Turquoise
9900-34 | Aqua
9900-234 | Evergreen
9900-192 | Leaf
9900-250 | Daffodil
9900-213 | Mustard
9900-255 | Tangerine
9900-27 | 30s Pink
9900-92 | Magenta
9900-106 | Earth
9900-200 | Off White (shown in background)

I had a helper (who should have been napping but refused) on this photo shoot.


He loves tidy stacks of things like fabric. They’re perfect for throwing around the room, putting in the laundry bin, or otherwise creating chaos. I pretended to cry after he pushed this stack on the floor and he giggled and said “little bit more crying, please.” Such a rascal.


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