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Project Life: 2013 So Far

I’ve written about Project Life once or twice before – in simple terms, it’s easy scrapbooking. The focus is on photos instead of embellishments and techniques. The idea is to take one photo a day for the entire year. I’m doing a simpler version with fewer photos per week. I recently created my week cards and I had so much fun looking back over our year that I thought I’d share them,

These photos are just one from each spread for the week but I like how together they give a glimpse into our life – lots of Ben, some sewing, travel, food, gardening – there’s a little bit of all three of us.

PL-2013-collage-01 PL-2013-Collage-02 PL-2013-Collage-03 PL-2013-Collage-04 PL-2013-Collage-05 PL-2013-Collage-06 PL-2013-Collage-07 PL-2013-Collage-08 PL-2013-Collage-09

If you are not doing anything to document your life or even to organize and print your photos, start something now! I can’t begin to tell you how much we all enjoy flipping through our family photo albums. In 10 years, I know I won’t remember much of our daily life and the cute little things that Ben says and does. but these albums will remind me. (and if you’re wondering, many of the photos in my recent albums are iPhone photos. There is no way I could document on a daily basis relying solely on a regular camera. So don’t feel like your photos aren’t worth printing if they’re from your phone.)


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