Fabric Stack: Lucky Strike

You may have noticed a theme of solids lately. I have several all solids quilts in the works at the moment and this stack is for a quilt called Lucky Strike. It’s inspired by a print I saw in a shop. I loved the combination of fun colors with a lot of layered neutrals.

Lucky Strike

From top to bottom:

9900-129 | Weathered Teak
9900-245 | Latte
9900-241 | Flax
9900-12 | Natural
9900-235 | Blue Chill
9900-263 | Spray
9900-51 | Buttercup
9900-209 | Clementine
9900-27 | 30s Pink

Weathered Teak (along with 9900-128 | Stone) is one of my favorite neutrals. It goes with everything and is a nice change from the ever-so-popular gray that’s been a modern quilting staple for years.

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