Where to Sell Vintage Antique Furniture Online: Best Places to Sell Used Furniture 

With the growing popularity of vintage furniture, many people are now looking for ways to sell their cherished pieces and make some extra money. Whether you have an antique sofa, a mid-century modern coffee table, or a vintage dresser, there are several options available to you.

One of the most popular places to sell vintage furniture is online. There are numerous websites and marketplaces dedicated to connecting sellers with potential buyers. These platforms allow you to create detailed listings, upload photos, and set your own prices. Some even offer shipping and delivery services to make the process easier for both parties involved.

If you prefer a more personal approach, you may also consider selling your vintage furniture at a local flea market or antique fair. These events attract a wide range of buyers, from collectors to interior designers, who are always on the lookout for unique pieces. Setting up a booth at a flea market or renting a space at an antique fair can be a great way to showcase your items and engage with potential buyers face-to-face.

Another option to sell your vintage furniture is through consignment shops or vintage boutiques. These establishments often have a loyal customer base and specialize in selling unique and high-quality items. By consigning your furniture, you can tap into their existing network of buyers and benefit from their expertise in marketing and pricing. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of shipping or finding a suitable buyer on your own.

Best Places to Sell Furniture

If you have vintage furniture that you’re looking to sell, there are a variety of outlets to consider. From online marketplaces to antique shops, here are a few options to help you find the right buyer for your unique pieces.

1. Online Marketplaces

One popular option for selling vintage furniture is through online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, or Chairish. These platforms cater to a wide range of buyers looking for unique and collectible items. You can create a listing with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos to showcase your furniture’s unique features. Selling online provides a global reach and allows you to connect with buyers from all over the world.

2. Antique Shops

Antique shops can be a great option for selling vintage furniture. These specialized stores attract collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the value and history behind unique pieces. Find local antique shops in your area and reach out to them to see if they are interested in purchasing your furniture. Be prepared to provide them with details and photos of your items in advance.

3. Estate Sales

Another option to consider is participating in estate sales. Estate sales are typically held when someone passes away or is downsizing, and they often include a variety of furniture and household items. You can either host your own estate sale or consign your furniture to an existing one. This allows you to reach potential buyers who are specifically looking to purchase vintage and used furniture.

4. Classified Ads

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional classified ads. Whether it’s through local newspapers or online platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, placing an ad can help you reach a local audience of potential buyers. Provide clear and concise descriptions of your furniture, along with high-quality photos, to attract interested parties.

Overall, when considering where to sell your vintage furniture, it’s important to find the right platform that matches your target audience. By showcasing the unique features and history of your pieces, you can attract buyers who appreciate the value of vintage furniture and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Online Marketplaces for Antique Furniture

If you’re looking to sell your vintage furniture online, there are numerous online marketplaces where you can list and sell your items. These platforms provide a convenient and accessible way to reach potential buyers who are specifically interested in vintage and antique pieces.

1. Etsy: Etsy is a well-known online marketplace that focuses on handmade, vintage, and unique items. It has a dedicated category for vintage furniture, allowing sellers to showcase their items to a targeted audience. Etsy offers various tools to help sellers optimize their listings and reach potential buyers.

2. eBay: eBay is a popular online auction and shopping website where you can sell almost anything, including vintage furniture. With its extensive customer base and worldwide reach, eBay provides sellers with a large pool of potential buyers. It allows sellers to set their own prices or use the auction format to sell their items to the highest bidder.

3. Chairish: Chairish is an online marketplace specifically designed for vintage furniture and home decor. It offers a curated selection of high-end and unique vintage pieces, making it a great platform for sellers with quality furniture. Chairish provides sellers with the option to ship their items or offer local pickup, making it convenient for both buyers and sellers.

4. Ruby Lane: Ruby Lane is a specialized online marketplace for vintage and antique items. It is known for its focus on quality and authenticity, making it a trusted platform for both buyers and sellers. Ruby Lane offers various categories for different types of vintage items, including furniture, and provides sellers with a personalized shop to showcase their inventory.

5. Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a convenient platform for selling vintage furniture to local buyers. It allows sellers to reach a wide audience within their local community and facilitates easy communication between buyers and sellers. Facebook Marketplace is a great option for sellers who prefer in-person transactions or want to avoid shipping costs.

When selling vintage furniture online, it’s important to accurately describe the condition of your items and provide clear and detailed photos. Pricing your items competitively, offering shipping options, and promptly responding to inquiries can also help attract potential buyers and increase your chances of making a successful sale.

Local Furniture Stores and Flea Markets

If you have vintage furniture that you’re looking to sell, one of the best places to start is at local antique stores and flea markets. These are often popular destinations for collectors and enthusiasts who are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their collections.

When selling your vintage furniture at local antique stores and flea markets, it’s important to do your research beforehand. Visit different stores and markets in your area to get a sense of the types of items they typically sell and the prices they charge. This will help you determine if your vintage furniture is a good fit for their clientele and if the prices you set are competitive.

  • Antique Stores: Antique stores are specialized retail shops that focus on selling collectibles, vintage items, and furniture. They often have a curated selection of unique pieces and attract customers who are willing to pay a premium for high-quality items. When approaching antique stores, be prepared to negotiate on price and consider consignment options if you’re not in a hurry to sell.
  • Flea Markets: Flea markets are open-air markets where individuals and vendors gather to sell a variety of secondhand items, including furniture. They are often more casual and attract a diverse range of customers, from collectors to bargain hunters. Setting up a booth at a flea market can be a great way to reach a large number of potential buyers in one place. Make sure to have attractive displays and clearly marked prices to attract attention.

In both antique stores and flea markets, it’s important to present your vintage furniture in its best possible light. Clean and repair any visible damage, and consider staging the pieces in a way that showcases their unique features. Providing background information and history about the furniture can also help generate interest and increase its value.

Overall, local antique stores and flea markets provide a great opportunity to sell vintage furniture, but it’s important to do your homework and present your pieces in the best possible way to attract potential buyers.

Auction Houses for Vintage Furniture

If you have vintage furniture and are looking to sell, auction houses can be a great option. These establishments specialize in the buying and selling of unique and valuable items, including vintage furniture. Auction houses have experienced appraisers who can assess the value of your furniture and determine a fair starting bid. This ensures that you get the best possible price for your vintage pieces.

When choosing an auction house, it’s important to consider factors such as reputation, expertise, and reach. Look for auction houses that have a good track record of selling vintage furniture and are known for attracting serious buyers. It’s also beneficial to select an auction house that specializes in vintage or antique items, as they will likely have a better understanding of the market and a larger network of potential buyers.

Some notable auction houses for vintage furniture include:

  • Christie’s: A well-known and prestigious auction house that offers specialized sales for vintage furniture and other collectible items.
  • Sotheby’s: Another reputable auction house that has a dedicated department for vintage and antique furniture sales.
  • Heritage Auctions: Known for their extensive range of auctions, including those focused on vintage furniture.
  • Bonhams: Offers regular auctions for vintage furniture and has a global presence, attracting buyers from around the world.
  • Skinner: Specializes in auctions for antique and vintage furniture, with a focus on American pieces.

Before consigning your vintage furniture to an auction house, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the sale, including any fees or commissions that may be charged. Additionally, be prepared to provide detailed information about the piece, such as its provenance and condition, as this will help potential buyers make informed bidding decisions.

Places to Sell Used Furniture Online

If you have vintage furniture that you want to sell, social media platforms can be a great tool to reach potential buyers. These platforms provide a wide audience and allow you to showcase your unique pieces in a visually appealing way.

One platform that is popular for selling vintage furniture is Instagram. With its focus on visual content, Instagram allows you to showcase your furniture in a visually appealing way. You can create a dedicated business account where you post high-quality photos of your furniture, along with detailed descriptions. Using relevant hashtags can help attract potential buyers who are searching for specific types of vintage furniture.

Facebook Marketplace

Another popular platform for selling vintage furniture is Facebook Marketplace. With Facebook’s large user base, you have the potential to reach a wide audience of potential buyers. You can create listings for each piece of furniture you want to sell, complete with photos, descriptions, and pricing. Facebook Marketplace also allows you to join local buy and sell groups, where you can connect with buyers who are specifically interested in vintage furniture.


Etsy is a well-known platform for selling handmade and vintage items, including furniture. If you have unique vintage pieces, Etsy can be a great place to showcase and sell them. You can create a shop on Etsy and list your furniture with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and pricing. Etsy also provides tools to help you optimize your listings and reach potential buyers who are searching for vintage furniture.

Other Social Media Platforms

In addition to Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy, there are various other social media platforms that can be used to sell vintage furniture. Pinterest, for example, allows you to create boards and showcase your furniture in a visually appealing way. Twitter and LinkedIn can also be used to reach potential buyers, especially if you have a unique or niche piece of vintage furniture that would appeal to a specific audience.

When using social media platforms to sell vintage furniture, it’s important to ensure that your listings are well-curated, with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. Engaging with potential buyers and responding to their inquiries promptly can help build trust and increase the chances of making a sale. By leveraging the power of social media, you can effectively sell your vintage furniture and connect with buyers who appreciate and value these unique pieces.

Consignment Shops for Vintage Furniture

If you have vintage furniture that you’re looking to sell, consignment shops can be a great option. These shops specialize in selling secondhand items, including vintage furniture, on behalf of the owner. Consignment shops typically have a curated collection of unique and high-quality pieces, making them a popular destination for buyers seeking vintage furniture.

When choosing a consignment shop for your vintage furniture, it’s important to consider their reputation and clientele. Look for a shop that has a strong presence in the local community and a solid track record of successfully selling vintage furniture. You want to ensure that your pieces are showcased in a store that attracts the right buyers who are willing to pay a fair price for your furniture.

Here are some reputable consignment shops that specialize in vintage furniture:

  • The Vintage Emporium: This popular consignment shop offers a wide selection of vintage furniture from various eras. They have knowledgeable staff who can help determine the value and marketability of your pieces.
  • Retro Revival: Specializing in mid-century modern furniture, Retro Revival is a go-to destination for buyers looking for sleek and stylish vintage pieces. They have a strong online presence, which can help attract a wider range of potential buyers.
  • A Touch of Nostalgia: If you have antique furniture, A Touch of Nostalgia is the place to go. This consignment shop focuses on furniture from the 19th and early 20th centuries, attracting collectors and enthusiasts of historical pieces.

By selecting the right consignment shop for your vintage furniture, you can increase your chances of finding the right buyer and getting a fair price for your pieces. Make sure to research and visit different consignment shops in your area to find the best fit for your specific furniture collection.

Question-answer: Where to sell vintage furniture

What are consignment shops for vintage furniture?

Consignment shops for vintage furniture are stores where people can bring their old or antique furniture to sell on consignment. The shop will display the furniture and try to sell it on behalf of the owner. If the furniture sells, the shop takes a percentage of the sale price as a commission.

What types of vintage furniture can you find in consignment shops?

Consignment shops for vintage furniture can have a wide variety of items, including antique tables, chairs, dressers, cabinets, sofas, and more. They might also have vintage lamps, mirrors, art, and other decorative pieces.

How do consignment shops price vintage furniture?

Consignment shops will typically price vintage furniture based on factors such as the age, condition, quality, and market demand for the item. They may also consider the original purchase price and any unique or desirable features of the furniture.

What are the benefits of shopping at consignment shops for vintage furniture?

Shopping at consignment shops for vintage furniture allows you to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that may not be available in regular retail stores. It can also be more affordable than buying brand-new furniture since consignment shops often offer lower prices.

Can I sell my vintage furniture at a consignment shop?

Yes, you can sell your vintage furniture at a consignment shop. They will typically have guidelines and criteria for accepting furniture, so it’s best to contact the shop beforehand to inquire about their process and any fees or commissions they may charge.

What are consignment shops?

Consignment shops are stores where individuals can bring their items, such as vintage furniture, and the shop sells it on their behalf. The owner of the item receives a percentage of the sale price once the item is sold.

Why should I shop at consignment shops for vintage furniture?

Shopping at consignment shops for vintage furniture can be a great way to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. These shops often have a curated selection of furniture that has been pre-screened for quality, and you can often find items at lower prices compared to buying new.

Where can I sell used furniture for cash?

Local consignment stores and online classified websites are popular options for selling used furniture for cash.

What are some tips for selling old furniture quickly?

To sell old furniture quickly, set a competitive selling price, take clear photos, and advertise on popular online platforms.

How do I determine the best selling price for my antique furniture?

Research similar items online, consider the furniture’s condition and rarity, and consult an antique dealer to determine the best price.

Is it possible to sell furniture online and make extra cash?

Yes, selling furniture online is a great way to make extra cash. Online stores and auction sites are ideal platforms.

What type of furniture sells best at garage sales?

Smaller furniture pieces and items in good condition typically sell best at garage sales.

How can I sell my used furniture locally?

Posting ads in local online classifieds or holding a garage sale are effective ways to sell used furniture locally.

What are the best places to sell vintage furniture pieces?

Vintage shops, online marketplaces for vintage sellers, and consignment stores are great places to sell vintage furniture.

Can I also sell secondhand furniture at a furniture store?

Some furniture stores buy used furniture, especially if it’s a unique or high-demand type of furniture.

What should I consider when I plan to sell furniture pieces at a consignment store?

Consider the consignment store’s customer base, fees, and their policy on setting selling prices.

Are online stores a good option to sell your old furniture?

Yes, selling your old furniture through online stores allows you to reach a wider audience and often sell at a better price.

What are some tips to sell antique furniture effectively?

Research the furniture’s history, get it appraised to understand what the furniture is worth, and choose to sell through specialized antique platforms or local antique dealers for the best results.

How can I determine the best places to sell used furniture online?

Look for online marketplaces with a large audience for furniture items, check their selling process, and read reviews from other sellers to find the best places to sell used.

What are the advantages of selling your used furniture?

Selling your used furniture is a great way to get extra cash, clear out unwanted furniture, and make room for new items. It also allows you to sell to those who appreciate the furniture like you did.

How do I decide on a fair price when I want to sell my furniture?

Assess the furniture’s condition, research similar furniture for sale, and consider its original price to set a fair selling price.

What should I consider before choosing places to sell furniture?

Consider the type of furniture you’re selling, the audience of the selling platform, and whether you prefer to sell locally or online for maximum exposure and profit.


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