sew it up {WIP} challenge

December 1st! I can’t believe how quickly November went by. In fact, this entire year seems to have gone by in a flash. Only 31 days are left in 2010, and one of those is nearly over. I keep staring at my list of WIPs, and wishing there was more time left in the year. My in progress list has grown to embarrassingly large proportions, and I’ve decided that I need a challenge to knock some of those things off the list. So I invented the Sew It Up {WIP} Challenge.

Challenge: Complete as many WIPs as possible before New Year’s Day 2011. If there are uncompleted projects on January 1, 2011, one of them will be donated to my guild’s charity quilt committee. If all projects are complete (yeah, right), then a generous amount of fabric will be donated instead.

Anyone want to sew along? If so, add your blog/Flickr/tumblr/twitter in the comments and grab a button! I will be giving a prize to the person who completes the most WIPs. What you do with your uncompleted projects is up to you, but if you donate them, I’d love to know!

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{updated} I’ve had a few questions so here are the rules:

  • Post your WIP list on your blog, Flickr, or in the comments section if you are not a blogger (why aren’t you blogging yet?!). You don’t have to include everything – just the things you’d like to finish in the next month.
  • Comment on this post if you’re sewing along because I’d love to check out your blog and see what you’re working on.
  • You decide what to do with your unfinished WIPs. I have some suggestions if you’re not involved in a guild (if you’re not, why not?!?!) If you can’t bear to part with any of them, do something nice for someone. ‘Tis the season, after all.
  • The challenge officially ends on January 1 and the winner(s) will be announced by January 5. (Prizes to be announced to inspire you to sew on when things are looking rough.)

That’s it. Questions?

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