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Two days into the Sew It Up {WIP} challenge and I’m already behind! I still haven’t made my list, but I’m going to make it on the fly and post NOW [before I spend too much time thinking about it]

1. Love Panes quilt {binding}

2. Plume Charms quilt {quilting + binding}

3. Fussy Cut Bee {piece top}

4. Modern Siggy Swap 2 {piece top}

5. Wonderland in Aqua {make backing + baste}

6. Gridlock: Summer Palette {make backing + baste}

7. Happy Campers {piece top}

8. Red + Aqua Strings {make backing + baste}

9. Far, Far, Away 2 plum {piece top}

10. Evangeline in Paris {complete all cutting}

I’m definitely stacking the odds against myself, but 10 seems like a nice round number. A few of those on the list are a stretch…but I have a secret weapon. The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild is having Saturday Sew this month. Hopefully I can rope of couple of the women into helping me baste for 10 minutes (it goes very fast when you have help). We call it “having a party” to make it sound fun, and when we all get together a lot of quilts do get basted.

The list doesn’t include my bee blocks and a custom quilt I have to finish since I can’t give those away to charity for obvious reasons. (I’m also thinking about a quilt I’d love to make for someone as Christmas gift. Yes, I’m insane. It seems like the less time I have, the more I want to sew.) My main goal with this challenge is to start the new year guilt-free, knowing that I have some room in my WIP storage drawers. I have a lot of quilts in my head just waiting to be sewn up.


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