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I’m Going to QuiltCon

Are you? I’m linking up to QuiltCon’s Linky Party, and you should, too.

Here are five things about me:

1. I moved A LOT growing up, spending half of my life before the age of 18 outside of the US. I loved it. We have been in Dallas for six years now and that is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place.

2. Fall is my favorite time of year – the cooler weather, anticipation of the holiday season, and I still get a “back to school excitement” even though I have been out of school for years and my son hasn’t even started yet. It must be related to my love of office/school supplies.

3. I love all colors except purple, but oddly enough purple was the main color at my wedding because my husband likes it.

4. My favorite place in the world is my parents’ lake house in Alabama.

5. I will be doing a demo for Moda Fabrics and the Moda Bake Shop at QuiltCon! Stop by the demo area at 5 pm on Saturday and 1 pm on Sunday.

More fun facts on my About Me page.


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