I’m feeling Halloweeny and I would love to make a Halloween quilt this year. My son is just now getting old enough that he’s going to be able to really enjoy the holiday (hopefully  at least as much as he’s enjoying dumping out what sounds like 3,000 wooden blocks in the next room right this moment).

Halloween Stack
{Mostly Spooktacular by Maude Asbury; some Greenfield Hill, Hope Valley, and DS Quilts by Denyse Schmidt, Boo Crew by Sweetwater, a repro, and maybe a Riley Blake}

My timeline is tight because I have so many other higher priority things on my to do list. That didn’t stop me from pulling together the beginnings of a fabric stack, though.

It was this pattern and kit from Fig Tree and Co. that got me thinking about a Halloween quilt:

{Fig Tree & Co,} {Lollipops Pattern}

Such a lovely soft color palette! I can definitely see a quilt like that around my home. I never thought I’d make a Halloween quilt, but being a mom makes you do crazy things.

Have any of you made Halloween quilts? What pattern did you use? Many of my prints are large scale so I need something that will show them off.

6 thoughts on “Halloweeny

  1. Scarlet

    It’s hard to make a Halloween quilt that looks stylish and at the same time festive. I haven’t seen many great Halloween-themed fabrics, but yours are a spooktacular collection! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  2. Shelley

    I havent made one yet either but I purchased a lot of fabrics last year with good intentions. I do love the fig tree quilt its classic yet modern. Im sure whatever you end uo with will be awesome!

  3. Karen

    Oh I remember those fun Halloween days celebrating with my kids. Great fun! The sound of 300 blocks being dumped on the floor….not so much. I Love that pattern and kit. Is the pattern Fig Tree also? I looked but couldn’t find it.


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