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my first quilt.

my first quilt

This is the first quilt I ever made…back in May 2009. I blogged about it ages ago, before my blog was hacked. Most of you have probably never seen it since I think I had about 3 readers back then. This quilt was given to my mom as a Mother’s Day gift. The hubs and I were in Houston over the weekend so I was finally able to take a decent photo of it.

I was a little bit surprised to find that I really like this quilt. I hadn’t seen it since I gave it to my mom and all I could remember about it were all of the mistakes I made. [Check out the bottom edge of the quilt…I used the pre-sized batting as my “square” edge. :) ] I’ve made many more quilts in the 16 months since I made this one and I’ve learned a few quilting truths:

1. A trip through the washer and dryer hides most mistakes

2. It’s hard to go wrong when you use Moda’s pre-cuts. [This quilt was made from a single jelly roll and a bit of yardage for the back from Fig Tree Quilts (Fig & Plum collection).]

3. The best quilts are the ones you make with love in your heart [corny but true!]

My only regret is machine sewing the binding and that is completely fixable. I may tackle that when I visit my parents over the holidays.

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