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What Up, Chickens?

Remember how I said that hand piecing was oddly soothing or some other silly thing along those lines on my last post about Green Tea and Sweet Beans? Well, that was a liar liar pants on fire thing to say. The last few blocks I’ve made have been far more annoying than soothing because I couldn’t stop thinking how much faster they would be to make by machine.

This little set of Drunkard’s Path blocks for example:

You’re probably checking out that sweet pink-cheeked matryoshka or funky bird in the corner. Or you’re watching that giraffe look down at the chickens like “what up, chickens?” I’m looking at my unmatched points (*sob*) and feeling torn between ripping them out to make it right and the cold hard truth that sewing those seams by hand was a lot of work to just tear out. Hand pieced blocks are harder to match up and I feel a whole lot more sentimental about those stitches than the ones I sew by machine.

It is quite a conundrum.


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